Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy
The Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy conserves natural land and open
space -- including forests, wetlands, meadows, agricultural lands, and places of
scenic beauty -- to provide habitat for wildlife and to enrich the lives of people.

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SMLC Office

The SMLC office is located at Conservancy Farm just a couple of miles north of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Feel free to stop by to say hello, learn about land conservation, or discuss projects. Staff are typically in the office between 9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. but please call or e-mail ahead to make sure someone will be there.

Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy
8383 Vreeland Road
Superior Township, MI 48198

Phone: (734) 484-6565

    Fax: (734) 484-0617

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The operation of Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy is supported by dedicated staff. Staff are here to answer your questions about land conservation, connect you to the right volunteer opportunity, give you directions to Nature Preserves, and accept gifts on behalf of the Conservancy. Please feel free to call or email SMLC staff any time.


Executive Director, Jill Lewis


Stewardship and Outreach Specialist, Julie McLaughlin

Office Specialist, POSITION OPEN

Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy  |  8383 Vreeland Road, Superior Township, MI 48198  |  (734) 484-6565
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