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The Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy conserves natural land and open space -- including forests, wetlands, meadows, agricultural lands, and places of scenic beauty -- to provide habitat for wildlife and to enrich the lives of people.

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Kroger Community Rewards Donation Program

Here is an easy way you can support Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

Kroger Community Rewards

Now you can support Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy when you shop at KrogerEach time you use your Kroger Plus Shopper's Card, Kroger will donate a percentage of the sale to SMLC.  It's easy to get started and costs you nothing - just follow the steps below.

Please note that you will need to re-enroll in Kroger Community Rewards Every Year. The annual renewal must be done by April 30th of each year to continue uninterrupted donations.

To sign up for Kroger Community Rewards, follow these steps (you'll need your Kroger Plus card and the SMLC NPO number below):

Step 1 Click on this link:
Step 2 Select your state.
Step 3 Scroll down and click on “Enroll”
Step 4 Click on “Sign up Today!” under New Customer section on right.
Step 5 Enter in your zip code and then click “Search”
Step 6 Click on the arrow to display the list of stores in your zip code and highlight your preferred store.
Step 7 Enter in your email and password.
Step 8 Select any email communications you would like to receive from us.
Step 9 Click  “Next”
Step 10 Key in your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card Number. (If it says that this card has already been used, please call the number on the back of your card.)
Step 11 Enter in your contact information.
Step 12 Click  “Next”
Step 13 Verify that your account information is correct. Check box for agreement to terms and conditions and click on “Complete Information.”
Step 14 Kroger will send an email to your personal account that you entered earlier in the process. This could take up to 10 minutes.
Step 15 Open the email that Kroger sent. Read the email and either click on the link within the email or copy and paste it into your browser.
Step 16 Sign in: click on the blue “Click here” button and then type in your email and password.
Step 17 Under Kroger Community Rewards Section at right, click “Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information.
Step 18 Type in SMLC’s NPO number: 
Step 19 Click on "Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy"  -  be sure to click on the circle to the left of SMLC so that it becomes highlighted.
Step 20 Click  “Save Changes.
  Scroll over the page and make sure all information is accurate. You are now registered.

Thanks supporting Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy!


For information on more ways you can support SMLC please click here.



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